On Discovering Queerness in Later Life

Come read all about the journey of descovery from the ever eloquent man I’m lucky enough to share, well pretty much everything with.

Queerer Journey

I was 47 when I recognised that I wasn’t exactly as straight
as I’d heretofore assumed. Now, I flatter myself that I’m about as liberal,
open-minded and sex-positive a human as you could hope to meet in normal life,
and given that I’ve been pretty open on the kink scene for about 4 years, my ‘normal’
casts a pretty wide net. But no, as far as I was concerned up to that point, I
was comfortable counting a pretty wide variety of LGBTQ+ people within my
friendship group, openly and on Facebook, but it really wasn’t my thing.

Except. Except … Except lots of things, as it turns out. My fiancée
Helena knew. She’d always kind of known, and there were lots of bits of our
play that had dropped some pretty broad hints. I was quite happy to slip into a
little pleated tartan skirt and take photos to…

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