Voile and Feathers

Hi……yes, yes, its been a while! I’m back (probably briefly) to muse a while upon a coat. As you can see from the pics it’s not your every-day popping to the shops, wrap up in the winter, keep dry in, kinda coat. It was part of my wedding dress in 2004, when I married a man I thought I was going to be with for the rest of my life. Fast forward 10 years and trajectories change, drama happens (sometimes no matter how much you try to avoid it) and there’s a whole lot of personal fucking growth. I meet the man I actually should be with and our journey together begins. Back to the coat before I get distracted talking about how wonderful he is! I absolutely loved wearing it on my wedding day but like so many wedding outfits, didn’t have an occasion to wear it again, until….. One night (just over a year ago) in an act of defiance and a childish middle finger gesture to my ex and some mood enhancing chemicals in my system, I put the coat on while myself and Raoul rooted through the dressing up boxes. It was a wonderful night of frivolity, sexiness and self discovering revelations, for that reason the coat has taken on so much more meaning than a wedding coat. It’s been worn a few more times since, kink parties, dress up photos (you may have noticed it in some earlier posts) and sometimes just to luxuriate in the feel of the voile and feathers. I’ve recently added some more feathers, to remove it a little from being my wedding coat to being my sexy dress up coat, the one I wore when his life became more enriched, when he trusted me with his absolute inner vaunerablities. If coats could talk, this one could spin a yarn.

A Close Shave

It’s something both Raoul and I love, him getting the cut throat razor out and shaving me. It’s loving, it’s tender and an act that’s bond’s us, but also…fuck, what if he slips! That element of fear ensures I don’t move a muscle while he concetrats on giving me smoothest, closest shave possible. I trust him implicitly and know any accident would be just that, because he’s taken all the care in the world to ensure he does the best and safest job possible. ❤️




Sinful Sunday











Be Careful Where You Wake Up




“Let’s go to a cemetery” I said, “let’s take some cool pictures in the snow!” with this week’s Sinful Sunday theme being white, it was obvious. The first challenge was finding an opportunity (with all the kids around) , the second was finding one we could get into after dark and not be discovered! The third challenge……it was fucking cold! Raoul’s response was his usual enthusiasm and support,  “OK!” he said. So off we went, bag of dress up in hand and trepidation, as we had a limited window and it was FUCKING COLD! We grabbed a couple of shots, perhaps not exactly what I had in my minds eye, but that would have taken the luxury of so many other factors we didn’t have. I’m pleased with them, all things considered, I’m also grateful I didn’t break any bones when I slipped over on the ice on the way back to the car!


Sinful Sunday