Be Careful Where You Wake Up




“Let’s go to a cemetery” I said, “let’s take some cool pictures in the snow!” with this week’s Sinful Sunday theme being white, it was obvious. The first challenge was finding an opportunity (with all the kids around) , the second was finding one we could get into after dark and not be discovered! The third challenge……it was fucking cold! Raoul’s response was his usual enthusiasm and support,  “OK!” he said. So off we went, bag of dress up in hand and trepidation, as we had a limited window and it was FUCKING COLD! We grabbed a couple of shots, perhaps not exactly what I had in my minds eye, but that would have taken the luxury of so many other factors we didn’t have. I’m pleased with them, all things considered, I’m also grateful I didn’t break any bones when I slipped over on the ice on the way back to the car!


Sinful Sunday